More presentations to be announced.


Make arrangements for a day of presentations for your middle school or high school classes.

MAP will educate your students about the 3 types of skin cancer with a focus on melanoma and how to spot one and also how to practice safe sun habits.

MAP volunteers will be in charge of running the presentations at your school.

MAP volunteers will give a 40 minute power point presentation, followed by a question and answer session.  The entire interactive program will take approximately 50 minutes.

Please submit the following to schedule a presentation and the MAP teacher liaison will get back to you.


MAP would thank the thank the schools that have participated in our program:

Palm Springs High School

Cathedral City High

James Workman Middle School

Indio High School

 Raymond Cree Middle School

Xavier College Prep

Palm Valley Middle and High Schools

Palm Desert High School

St Theresa Middle School

Nellie Coffman Middle School

Colonel Paige Middle School

Rancho Mirage High School

Shadow Hills High School

La Quinta High School

Cielo Vista Charter School

College of the Desert

Comments from Valley Teens after a MAP presentation:

Palm Desert High Students -

"I learned what melanoma looks like and how to detect melanomas. The ABCDE's are an easy way to remember what melanoma looks like. I'm glad that they came in to talk to us because it really helped to know what to look for if I suspect melanoma."

"Melanoma is way darker than a freckle and looks like a huge mole."

"The presentation has raised my awareness of skin cancer and now I can help my relatives with early detection of skin cancer."

"I liked the presentation. Now I know I need to take care of my skin and wear sunblock."

"I learned that melanoma can appear more than once and it can show up anywhere on my body."

"I learned the shadow rule, when your shadow is bigger than you are it is a safe time to go in the sun."

"I will wear sunblock everyday now."


Cathedral City High Students -

"Very interesting. I liked the presentation a lot. I didn't know how bad this disease was. Now I know to be more careful."

"Presentation was great and very educational. Now I know how to take care of my skin."

"This presentation was extremely informative. The presenter had great info and the complimentary gifts were great."

"This is very important. Your health is very important."


La Quinta High Students - 

"It was awesome!. "

"I really liked the presentation. It was really interesting and informative. And it was new information that I hadn't heard before."


Palm Springs High Students - 

"What I like about the presentation is that you don't need a tan to look good, and to take care of our skin."


"Don't be dull, check your mole."

"When you fight the sun, you have more fun."

"Learn before you burn."

"Check yourself before you wreck yourself."

"Take care if you notice something rare."

"Check your ABCDE's, it's easy as 123."

"Find the spot before you rot."

"Melanoma is not good, so SPF like you should."

"Check yourself once...check yourself twice to protect yourself and promote long life!"

"Some sunscreen a day keeps the melanoma away."

"The sun is as a rose, beautiful yet deadly. The wise would do well to keep from its thorns."