The Melanoma Awareness Project (MAP) of the Desert is an educational outreach program for local middle and high school student.  MAP is a community service project that teaches students about early detection of melanoma through self-screening and practicing safe sun habits.  We are looking for volunteers to help us spread our important message.

MAP's Accomplishments

  • To date MAP has educated over 17,000 students throughout the Coachella Valley.
  • Over the years, since we started MAP in 2008 we have had many people we educated come back and tell us they spotted skin cancers after hearing our presentation and had them removed.
  • MAP received the first Desert Health Wellness Award in May 2015 for the important work we do promoting good health and making an impact in the Coachella Valley.
  • MAP was the recipient of the CBS Local 2, Berger Foundation Coachella Valley Spotlight award in May 2016.  The award was given for the outstanding work of a local non-profit organization providing services to our area’s residents.
  • MAP has held many free skin cancer screening clinics that resulted in finding skin cancers and treating them.
  • MAP has trained dozens of local high school students to give our presentation.  100 % of our volunteers have gone on to college.  They have all been grateful for the positive experiences they had while volunteering for MAP.  They have expressed how empowering it is to stand up in front of their peers and teach them about skin cancer and how they improved their public speaking skills.